Colonel Steuart Elected Health Officer

Colonel Steuart Elected Health Officer

Announcement Date: December 24, 1849

On motion of Col. Steuart, chairman of the committee of health and police to whom was referred the reporting of ordinances for the government of the health officer for the Port of San Francisco the following ordinance as adopted: In relation to the duties of a Health Officer, and prescribing the powers, by the Ayuntamiento of San Francisco, in Town Council assembled. Be it ordained:

Section 1. A health officer shall be annually appointed for the port of  San Francisco, whose powers and duties shall be as hereinafter enumerated, until further provided for by enactments of the State Legislature, the laws of the Congress of the United States, or ordinances of the Ayuntamiento or Corporation of San Francisco.

Section 2. It shall be the duty of the health officer, to board every vessel which has entered the harbor of San Francisco since the 31st day of December, 1849. And every vessel which may hereafter arrive in said port, and make strict enquiry and examination into the health of her officers, crew and passengers and into the state and condition of the vessel and cargo.

In the performance of said duties the health officer may require say person on board to answer under oath or affirmation, such questions as he the said health officer, may deem necessary and proper.

Section 3. The health officer shall ascertain whether there be any person or persons on board of any vessel, affected with any contagious, pestilential or malignant disorder and should such be the case, he shall immediately report the facts to the board of health, who, if they deem it advisable and necessary, shall order the vessel into quarantine, for such length of time and under such regulations, may be deemed expedient and proper.